Ten Latina Stereotypes That Don’t Stop March 16, 2017

Guys have to get some stereotypes about Latin girls out of their heads because they make it hard for these men to have a good time with their Latin escorts. A Latin girl can be a lot of fun, and she might be the best person you hang out with in Vegas, but you will have a hard time having fun with her if you are making this hard on her by perpetuating all these stereotypes.


Not all Latin girls have an accent, and a lot of them barely speak Spanish. They went to school in America, and they talk just like any other girl. She might not even look Latin, and you will get confused when she tells you. There are a lot of things that Latin girls can be outside your stereotypes, and you need to be careful when talking to them.


Not all Latin girls like to dance. Many of them just like to have a good time, but they are not out at the club all the time dancing constantly. They do not all know the salsa, and they do not know the lambada. There is nothing like that going on in their culture, and they will not be impressed with you.


Not all Latin girls are maids, and the movies make that hard because that is how they get portrayed. You need to make sure that you find out what she does by asking instead of just assuming. You could get yourself in a lot of trouble if you are not asking about these things in advance. It will cause you problems that you cannot fix, and you will lose her respect right there on the spot.


Latin girls are great lovers, but that does not mean that they will be all over you. You need to be ready to have fun with them, but they are not going to jump all over you because they are Latin. They will not expect to do that, and you should not expect them to do that.


Not all Latin girls leave their cleavage out. They can wear good clothes, and they might even wear tight clothes. That does not mean they are going to show everything all the time. They have a right to dress the way they want, and they will still look sexy by any measure. That is why you need to turn down your expectations in this area and just enjoy how gorgeous she is.

Large Families

Not all Latin girls are from large families. Some of them are only children who lived with their parents. There is no large family to fall back on, and you cannot make jokes about it all the time because that just makes it worse. You need to ask about her family, how it works and how it looks. She will help you have a better understanding of the family, and you can avoid embarrassing yourself.


Not all Latin girls can cook, and they do not want to cook for you automatically. They might like to, but that does not mean that they should have to. You need to be careful with this one because it makes them feel like you think they are a food service worker, and they might be in school getting a master’s degree. The girl is suddenly more educated than you, and you do not want her to feel like you are putting her down. If she hates cooking, then you need to let it go.


Not all Latin girls are immigrants. Many of them were born here, and their parents are citizens. They might have been here for a long time, and they are not really fans of being told that they are illegal or you acting like they might be. There are many people who are going to make this implication, and it will ruin the date from the start. It could be so bad that you have to let her go home because you are not getting anywhere with a girl you insulted.


Not all Latin girls are loud. They all have their own personalities, and they might not want to talk that loud. They might be very quiet, and they need to be treated like they are special. This means that they get to act how they want, and you do not have to worry about them only being loud. They might be, or they might be quiet.


Not all Latin girls like Tequila, and they all need to be in a place that they can get the drinks they want without having to answer those questions. A lot of these girls like beer or wine because that is what they normally drink. They might hate tequila, and now you look really silly as you try to explain why you thought she would like tequila automatically.

Get all these stereotypes out of your mind before you go out with your Latin escort. It will be hard for you if you do not understand Latin girls before you go out with them.

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