Intro to the top 10 sexy Latina Women December 18, 2016

If there is one thing that can be agreed upon is that nearly every race has its own beauties. Some are mainly famed from their looks while others have their voice, acting and simply personality to add on. Many are capable enough to make people who aren’t specifically attracted to said race, jaws drop to the floor. With that being said many of the participants of this list are obviously the combined opinion of several other individuals and you might find some of the women on the lower part of the list, sexier than ones who are higher which is completely understandable.

Number 10 Paz Vega

Paz vega also known as María Paz Campos Trigo, happens to be a Spanish actress. She is 40 years old and has starred and voice acted in a number of films such as, The Flower of Evil, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Kill the Messenger and much more. She was born in Seville raised by her housewife mother and her father who happened to be a bull fight. This attractive actress not only has the looks and talents to be in films but also appeared in several magazines such as Vague and DT. Though Paz vega may be at number 10, she is definitely no woman to scoff at and has the talents and looks to prove it.

Number 9 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez needs little introduction on this list. She is nearly a well-known phenomenon who is multi talented being an actress, singer, author, prouder and even a fashion designer. With all the occupations this woman has it is a surprised she managed to keep her looks up especially when she is currently in her late 40’s. This famed beauty has been in so many movies and magazine covers it is insane but then again, it is Jennifer Lopez who many guys and even girls would fight for.

Number 8 Penelope Cruz

Another lovely actress and model who is in her early 40’s and is still blazing hot. She has been in a number of films such as Sex and the City 2, Head in the Clouds and much more. If you have not heard or seen this woman, then there is no doubt your eyes will pop right out of your heads when you look at her. Unfortunately she is married so she is currently off the market for you all.

Number 7 Eva Longoria

Yet another multi talented celebrity, see a trend here? This woman is a businesswoman actress, producer, director and activist. She has a gleaming smile that can truly brighten up your day and a lovely figure to help match it.

Number 6 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, enough said for this woman. Beautiful model who has been in a number of magazines, television shows and movies and is considered one of the most sexiest women around.

Number 5 Salma Hayek

She is a beautiful and busty model and film actress who has starred in a number of films and is an ultimate eye candy for all to enjoy. She is literally one the main reasons many folk would go watch dusk till dawn, over and over again/

Number 4 Alessandra Ambrosio

Though not as well known as the others, her looks prove to make up for it all. She is a Brazilian model and actress and has even made the cover of Victoria’s secret.

Number 3 Sofía Margarita

A model, business woman, comedian and television host. She is funny, successful, smart and hot, definitely an ideal woman for many.

Number 2 Shakira

This woman barely needs much explanation. She is a successful song writer, dancer, choreographer, and model. Her hips don’t lie and neither does the rest her of looks or talent.

Number 1 Maite Perroni

The number one most favored and sexiest latina would have to be Maite Perroni. She is an actress, model, singer and songwriter. She has even won the Best Actress of the Year this year, 2016. She is a young beautiful woman that has already been the cover of dozens of magazine all over . That and her looks should be enough to make her number one.

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