Ten Latina Stereotypes That Don’t Stop March 16, 2017

Guys have to get some stereotypes about Latin girls out of their heads because they make it hard for these men to have a good time with their Latin escorts. A Latin girl can be a lot of fun, and she might be the best person you hang out with in Vegas, but you will have a hard time having fun with her if you are making this hard on her by perpetuating all these stereotypes.


Not all Latin girls have an accent, and a lot of them barely speak Spanish. They went to school in America, and they talk just like any other girl. She might not even look Latin, and you will get confused when she tells you. There are a lot of things that Latin girls can be outside your stereotypes, and you need to be careful when talking to them.


Not all Latin girls like to dance. Many of them just like to have a good time, but they are not out at the club all the time dancing constantly. They do not all know the salsa, and they do not know the lambada. There is nothing like that going on in their culture, and they will not be impressed with you.


Not all Latin girls are maids, and the movies make that hard because that is how they get portrayed. You need to make sure that you find out what she does by asking instead of just assuming. You could get yourself in a lot of trouble if you are not asking about these things in advance. It will cause you problems that you cannot fix, and you will lose her respect right there on the spot.


Latin girls are great lovers, but that does not mean that they will be all over you. You need to be ready to have fun with them, but they are not going to jump all over you because they are Latin. They will not expect to do that, and you should not expect them to do that.


Not all Latin girls leave their cleavage out. They can wear good clothes, and they might even wear tight clothes. That does not mean they are going to show everything all the time. They have a right to dress the way they want, and they will still look sexy by any measure. That is why you need to turn down your expectations in this area and just enjoy how gorgeous she is.

Large Families

Not all Latin girls are from large families. Some of them are only children who lived with their parents. There is no large family to fall back on, and you cannot make jokes about it all the time because that just makes it worse. You need to ask about her family, how it works and how it looks. She will help you have a better understanding of the family, and you can avoid embarrassing yourself.


Not all Latin girls can cook, and they do not want to cook for you automatically. They might like to, but that does not mean that they should have to. You need to be careful with this one because it makes them feel like you think they are a food service worker, and they might be in school getting a master’s degree. The girl is suddenly more educated than you, and you do not want her to feel like you are putting her down. If she hates cooking, then you need to let it go.


Not all Latin girls are immigrants. Many of them were born here, and their parents are citizens. They might have been here for a long time, and they are not really fans of being told that they are illegal or you acting like they might be. There are many people who are going to make this implication, and it will ruin the date from the start. It could be so bad that you have to let her go home because you are not getting anywhere with a girl you insulted.


Not all Latin girls are loud. They all have their own personalities, and they might not want to talk that loud. They might be very quiet, and they need to be treated like they are special. This means that they get to act how they want, and you do not have to worry about them only being loud. They might be, or they might be quiet.


Not all Latin girls like Tequila, and they all need to be in a place that they can get the drinks they want without having to answer those questions. A lot of these girls like beer or wine because that is what they normally drink. They might hate tequila, and now you look really silly as you try to explain why you thought she would like tequila automatically.

Get all these stereotypes out of your mind before you go out with your Latin escort. It will be hard for you if you do not understand Latin girls before you go out with them.

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Where to Find the Sexiest Latin’s in Las Vegas December 21, 2016

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Intro to the top 10 sexy Latina Women December 18, 2016

If there is one thing that can be agreed upon is that nearly every race has its own beauties. Some are mainly famed from their looks while others have their voice, acting and simply personality to add on. Many are capable enough to make people who aren’t specifically attracted to said race, jaws drop to the floor. With that being said many of the participants of this list are obviously the combined opinion of several other individuals and you might find some of the women on the lower part of the list, sexier than ones who are higher which is completely understandable.

Number 10 Paz Vega

Paz vega also known as María Paz Campos Trigo, happens to be a Spanish actress. She is 40 years old and has starred and voice acted in a number of films such as, The Flower of Evil, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Kill the Messenger and much more. She was born in Seville raised by her housewife mother and her father who happened to be a bull fight. This attractive actress not only has the looks and talents to be in films but also appeared in several magazines such as Vague and DT. Though Paz vega may be at number 10, she is definitely no woman to scoff at and has the talents and looks to prove it.

Number 9 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez needs little introduction on this list. She is nearly a well-known phenomenon who is multi talented being an actress, singer, author, prouder and even a fashion designer. With all the occupations this woman has it is a surprised she managed to keep her looks up especially when she is currently in her late 40’s. This famed beauty has been in so many movies and magazine covers it is insane but then again, it is Jennifer Lopez who many guys and even girls would fight for.

Number 8 Penelope Cruz

Another lovely actress and model who is in her early 40’s and is still blazing hot. She has been in a number of films such as Sex and the City 2, Head in the Clouds and much more. If you have not heard or seen this woman, then there is no doubt your eyes will pop right out of your heads when you look at her. Unfortunately she is married so she is currently off the market for you all.

Number 7 Eva Longoria

Yet another multi talented celebrity, see a trend here? This woman is a businesswoman actress, producer, director and activist. She has a gleaming smile that can truly brighten up your day and a lovely figure to help match it.

Number 6 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, enough said for this woman. Beautiful model who has been in a number of magazines, television shows and movies and is considered one of the most sexiest women around.

Number 5 Salma Hayek

She is a beautiful and busty model and film actress who has starred in a number of films and is an ultimate eye candy for all to enjoy. She is literally one the main reasons many folk would go watch dusk till dawn, over and over again/

Number 4 Alessandra Ambrosio

Though not as well known as the others, her looks prove to make up for it all. She is a Brazilian model and actress and has even made the cover of Victoria’s secret.

Number 3 Sofía Margarita

A model, business woman, comedian and television host. She is funny, successful, smart and hot, definitely an ideal woman for many.

Number 2 Shakira

This woman barely needs much explanation. She is a successful song writer, dancer, choreographer, and model. Her hips don’t lie and neither does the rest her of looks or talent.

Number 1 Maite Perroni

The number one most favored and sexiest latina would have to be Maite Perroni. She is an actress, model, singer and songwriter. She has even won the Best Actress of the Year this year, 2016. She is a young beautiful woman that has already been the cover of dozens of magazine all over . That and her looks should be enough to make her number one.

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Why men prefer Latina’s over other women? December 15, 2016

Many men would like to have Latino girlfriends. The high demand of Latino men has been facilitated by a wide range of reasons. This applies to a wide variety of men with different backgrounds and race. These are some of the things which have led to this include the following.
Most of the Latino ladies tend to be more family oriented. Most of them would like to get married and get children. In the modern society, it is quite hard for someone to get such a woman. This is because a good number of women are currently focusing on their careers and thus do not really want to get married. Most of them claim that it will affect their career in one way or another.

Beside from that Latino women tend to be submissive compared to other women. Many men would like such women. This is because they are respectful and thus can make a good wife in the long run. In such cases, there are fewer divorces among families since the man is considered the head of the family while the wife is just there to support him.

Most of them are also beautiful and thus attractive. Many men would like to be affiliated with beautiful women. Because of that a number of them always end up getting into a relation with Latino women. They have a good body structure, and thus they make a good number of models at the moment. This has also increase their demand in the recent past mainly because most of the models who are now performing well across the globe have Latino roots.

The high number of Latino girls have good natural hair. Most men would like a lady with natural hair. This has been gaining popularity in the recent past. Men hate weaves and other affiliated hair. This is because they consider them fake and thus not attractive enough. Their hair texture is the best, and many ladies would like to have such hair. Keeping in mind most of them keep their hair long they have been able to out stand from the rest. Their hair also has low maintenance cost, and thus they do not have to visit salons after a short span of time.

There has been a high debate about the use of makeup. A good number of men do not really like women who use makeup. Most of them consider such an activity uneconomical and manipulative since the man will not really know how the girl looks like under normal circumstances. The use of the product is not favorable to all the girls. This is because in certain cases it does not complement the look of someone and thus being disadvantageous to some of them.

Most Latino ladies do not use a lot of makeup compared to their counterparts. Because of that men think they do not try so hard to be beautiful. Although men like women who keep themselves clean and presentable, they are not into ladies who overuse makeup just to uphold their beauty. Due to that Latino women have been an ideal choice to most men who are looking for girlfriends.

Latino girls are also less demanding when you get into a relationship with them. They do not really want expensive dates and other affiliated activities. People who not earn a lot of cash can get into a relationship with them without worry about the cash they will spend in the process. Most women in the modern society are considered to be money oriented. This is because they only want to be treated with expensive products. Due to that, they cannot date with people with financial issues.

Latino ladies are also many in number compared to the rest of the women. Because of that, one can easily date because of their number. Latino people are residing in different parts of the country. This has facilitated intermarriage between them with other people of different race and religion. Latino people also practice accommodate traditions and believes and thus by marrying one you easy be assimilated to their culture. Keeping in mind most of them also like to socialize with other people they have been able to appreciate others religion.

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